Beans & Greens Farmstand takes pride in presenting a large selection of plants grown with care and attention in an effort to offer you the best quality available! The following alphabetical list includes most of what we offered for the 2013 season. The photos show some examples….mostly varieties that were either new to us or just in house favorites!

When to plant ~
So many of you ask, “can I plant these yet?”  Don’t plant till the end of the month of May….. unless you pre-warm the soil and provide special protection.  Most annual seeds can be planted after the middle of the month, like nasturtium seed if the ground temps are near 60.  Wait till the end of the month to direct-seed basil and other tender plants.  Summer-flowering bulbs like glads and cannas can be planted in mid-May, but wait till later for tender ones like dahlias.

What about my soils… ~
Have your soils tested if you are unsure of the quality/nutrient content of your garden.  There is a great soil testing service available through the UNH Cooperative Extension office in Laconia.  Add compost or natural/organic fertilizers to your soils.  If you live in Gilford…you have access to a great compost pile that is at the Recycle Center off of Lily Pond Road.  Continue to fertilize annuals during the summer with liquid fertilizers……on a regular schedule for best results! Those that grow in full sun require feeding every couple of weeks. Plants in partial shade, especially compact ones, need fertilizer less often.

Hanging baskets/containers ~
You can put hanging baskets or containers outside earlier, but only those planters and hangers that are light enough for you to move inside if frost threatens.  Hanging baskets, etc. received as Mother’s Day gifts will probably not be tough enough to stay outside on cold nights or windy, cold spring days!!  Remember – even plants suffer from chill factors from wind!   Impatiens, begonias, and other warm-w

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