Winter CSA

Fresh local produce for your family this winter!  

Winter Healthy Harvest


Healthy Harvest Winter CSA

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Be a part of the CSA on a weekly basis!  Get on our “email” list and we will send you a list every Sunday or Monday to

let you know what is available!  When you veg-5want to order….email us a list of the items you would like, we will

put them in a bin for you to pick up on Thursday of that week between 3:30 and 6:30!  SIMPLE!!

No PRE-PAY……No weekly commitment!  Just enjoy the food!

 What’s in a Winter bin?

The list below includes items that will be available during the winter.  Exactly which items per week will be announced in our weekly email to members of the program. We are currently growing and planting the following crops for the winter CSA.  No crop is guaranteed!

Exactly what is in your bin is UP TO YOU!        We email you a list of items available each week….you respond with your  shopping list.

fresh NH, frozen apple sauce Lettuces: red, green, romaine, head
Baby onions (fresh) Spicy mixed lettuce (fresh picked)
Basil (frozen in Olive oil & pesto) Mixed salad greens (fresh picked)
Beet greens (fresh picked) Arugula (fresh picked)
Beets (fresh picked) Onions  (red, white, yellow)
Broccoli (fresh) Pac Choi (fresh picked)   done for this winter
Cabbage (fresh red) Peppers  (red/green – frozen)
Corn (off the cob and frozen) green peppers (fresh as long as they last…)
Eggs -non GMO!! Spinach  (fresh picked)
Kale (fresh and later frozen) Swiss chard  (fresh picked)
 Kohlrabi (fresh picked) Tomatoes  (chopped, frozen)
Leeks (fresh picked) Zucchini (grated, frozen)

Winter squashes: Red kuri, sunshine, delicata, acorn, blue hubbard, butternut, buttercup, sweet dumpling, carnival

All meats are frozen, vacuum packed

Whole chickens                                           Boneless chicken breasts

Chicken thighs                                            Chicken drumsticks

Chicken wings                                            Chicken livers, hearts

Grass fed ground beef – sold out for now

Grass fed  beef patties – sold out

Grass fed beef steaks

Grass fed  beef roasts                                 Beef livers, hearts

NEW pork selection coming in this week!

Pork chops                                                 Pork sausage

Bacon                                                                   Ham steaks

Weekly shares may include soup, bread, rolls or other baked goods on occasion.

Our goals in creating a sustainable winter program obviously include creating a four-season income for the farm, but also include supplying the best quality produce on a regular basis to the accounts and families that sign up to support our farm.

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