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Andy and the field crew get so busy that it is near to impossible ( or maybe totally impossible!) to get them to talk about their days and tell you what is going on behind the scenes on the farm.  We will try to improve this as I get so many questions in the store!  Growing veggies successfully has been a real struggle this year in so many ways….surely some of you know from your own experiences in your home gardens.  The losses are always painful, but the wins are tremendous and often come with the benefits of learning something new.  The growing processes continue to evolve to accommodate not only climate changes and the desires to extend the growing seasons, but also the extreme weather that also impacts the crops.  When we try something new and discover we CAN conquer these challenges the rewards are great – and YOU get to eat them!

Today in the life of the field crew:  The day always starts with the morning harvest.  This will take numerous hours as all the veggies also have to be washed and prepped so YOU like them!  Then the real work starts.  Some of the things they did today included setting up irrigation (unbelievable, huh?) on numerous crops, the worn out old cucumber plants in “Vegas” were removed and the area prepped for a new crop for fall,  carrots were seeded for fall, crops were cultivated, and fall tomatoes in the greenhouse were strung up.

The corn maze is also receiving lots of attention right now.  It has grown quite tall, but so have the weeds!  Funny how everyone is excited to go out there to weed the maze the first time we ask and then….the second time we ask – they are nowhere to be found!  Huge job.  Hopefully it will be done in time for Saturday’s grand opening.

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When the rains end…..then what?

Surely the home vegetable and flower gardeners are as frustrated as we are by all the rain.  Especially considering most gardens only need an inch of water per week to survive!  How many inches have we had???  As long as the rains are continuing there is not much any of us can do.  We will see the following symptoms of over watering in our plants: the yellowing of the lower leaves, blooms drop off (sometimes even before they open), leaves hang limp, no new buds develop and the plant just looks tired.  
IMAG0491So, what can you do??  Hanging baskets and planters are easy!  Don’t wait for the rains to stop!  Move them under a roof so the rains can’t get them and then give them some fertilizer as soon as you can.  (more on fertilizer in a minute)  Plants in the ground can’t be helped until the rain stops.  Then they need to be given a shot of fertilizer as well – and you don’t want to wait too long after the rain stops.   Then don’t water again until the ground has had a chance to dry out.  You may have some root rot going on in some of the plants.  This will take a bit longer for the plant to recover from (if it even can…depends on how bad the roots are).  Most important will be letting them dry out before re-watering.
Most of you probably have some fertilizer at home.  Pretty much any fertilizer will do something when plants are as hungry as they can be after such rains.  One fertilizer we have had great luck with is called Algoflash.  This fertilizer has revolutionized the growing of flowers and vegetables, increasing yields at rates that are pretty amazing. The record setting results are not by chance, but by design. Yet its most remarkable feature is it’s 100% mineral based so it contains no chlorides or sodium – plus it’s odorless, colorless and environmentally safe – which is what we like!  It encourages rapid cell reproduction using 3 major elements along with micro-nutrients. So easy to use!  Just put one cap full into a gallon of water as a regular feed or 1/2 capful to spray directly on the foliage and watch the amazing results. We sell the general use formulation which can be used on either flowers or vegetables.  One liter bottle makes over 100 gallons.

Hope this helps you get your plants back on track!

Beans & Greens Farmstand

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Pick Your Own Strawberries Opens Today!

YES! You have been asking…we have been hoping! PICK YOUR OWN STRAWBERRIES will be open today from 7-10 am. CASH only, $3.00 lb. Bring your own container or purchase one from us for a small fee.

NOTE: The PYO field is not here at the farmstand! Picking is on Gunstock Hill Road, just uphill from house number 299. There is a sharp corner in the road at the PYO entrance and signs will be posted to show you where to park. If you want to get a map to the picking field we will have them available at the farmstand today and during regular hours.
We will post all picking hours here, on our website and in the farmstand.

Open picking hours will be determined daily as conditions allow. Hopefully this is all clear….if not – just write back to us!! We will answer your questions!


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